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1. Select the amount of Twitter Profile Followers you want to buy from above available packages.

2. After that, you will see two blank boxes. In first box, you have to enter your Twitter Profile Link and in second box, you have to enter your email. And click on continue button.

Note: Make sure that your Twitter account is public when you are buying Twitter Profile Followers. If your Twitter account is private, make it public to start the order.

3. Now you will see payment options. Select the payment option through which you want to pay for your order. After completing the payment, you will receive a successfully order placed message.

After that just wait and watch your Twitter Profile Followers growing without any hustle.

Twitter is a great microblogging platform to share your views on anything. You can write about politics, tech, history, or any incident which is just happens recently. Most of the people use twitter to see what’s the trending in their country or in the world. In last few years, twitter becomes a great social media app for influencers. If you a celebrity or political person, or just running a NGO, it’s become very necessary to use twitter to keep in touch or fans or followers.

Why do you need to buy twitter followers?

Like I told that, in today’s world if you want to influence people, then you should be on twitter. There are many greats organic was to grow on twitter and increase your followers. But it takes too much time and energy. And without large number of followers, you twitter account is like a blog with zero traffic. So best way to start on twitter is to buy twitter profile followers. When you buy followers, you don’t have to spend your time or energy to gain followers. You just have to place order, and BOOM…!!! You will start getting followers. After buying some amount of followers, then you can use organic methods to grow your twitter account. Before going forward on how you can buy followers on twitter, let me teach you some organic methods to boost your twitter account.

Organic methods to increase twitter followers:-

Quality Content: To become a successful on twitter or even any social media app, the basic requirement is to post quality content. With quality, content is also should be unique. You can’t go too far if you copy paste content from other twitter accounts. When I say quality content, then I mean the content should be interesting, easy to read, easy to understand. If you are a political figure, then keep posting about what’s happening in your areas. Or what’s your views on the current incidents happening in the country. If you’re a actor or related to acting field, then keep posting interesting stuffs about the acting career or current news of the entertainment industry. If you are a brand, then keep posting about your new products or services.

Follow 4 Follow: Another powerful methods to increase followers on twitter is to keep following other accounts related to your field or interest. Like if you are a actor, then keep follow other actors. When they will see your follow notification, many chances are that they will follow you back.

Hashtags: The best and my favourite method to get followers is using hashtags in your tweets. For eg. When you are sharing a tweet related to environment, the in you tweets, us 4-5 hashtags related to environment like #environment #savetrees #globalwarming #eco-friendly etc. So when people scrolling on twitter tweets on these hashtags, then your tweet will also seen to them even after they didn’t followed you. Also try post some tweets on trending hashtags. You can see trending hashtags on the right side of twitter page.

So after learning some cool tips to grow twitter followers organically, lets back to or main topic which is how to buy twitter followers fast and easily.

  1. >> Buying followers from ookfy is a very simple task. Just select the package.
  2. >> Then you will redirect to cart page.
  3. >> In cart page, enter your twitter profile username and your email. Then click on checkout.
  4. >> Then you will see a payment page. Now just select any payment method preferred to you.
  5. >> You can pay via paypal, or direct visa/mastercard. We also give option to pay via crypto currencies.
  6. >> After selecting payment gateway, just pay the amount.

Congrats, your order is placed. After placing order you will receive a order confirmation and tracking url via your email. And your order will starts within 1 hour.

There will be many questions in your mind related to buying twitter followers from us. So let’s try to answer as many as we can for you.

Why you should buy twitter profile followers from us?

Top Reasons to buy twitter followers from us as follows:-

Real & Non-Drop Followers: There are many other twitter follower sellers in the market, but not a single one can provide what we are providing. The best part of buying followers from us is that our followers are 100% real and Non-Drop. We don’t sell spam, bot followers. We always try to provide best quality followers to our clients so that they will keep coming back. Our main goal is to convert a one time client in regular client. So to make it possible we have to provide best quality followers.

Cheapest in the Market: With maintain quality of followers we always makes sure that our clients gets the best deal. So for that we keep our followers prices at the lowest price. We don’t sell with high margins. Our main focus is to make a good relation with client. You will always get the best deal from us.

24/7 Support: We provide 24/7 support on website live chat, whatsapp, telegram, or on email. You can contact us anytime on any these apps. We have a great support team 24/7 available to solve your query. You can ask anything from us before or after buying twitter followers from us.

Lifetime Guarantee: We are selling twitter followers from last 6+ years and our followers are non-drop from start and never receive any complain regarding followers drop. Still we wants to tell you that we provide lifetime guarantee for followers. If followers drops or reduce even 5%, we will give you instant refund or refill. 

Is it safe to buy followers for twitter?

Buying followers for twitter is 100% safe. You will not face any ban from twitter accounts even if you buy 100k twitter followers from us. We have completed 300k+ twitter followers order and never receive any complain regarding account ban. Our methods of sending twitter followers are real look alike. So, never be worry about your twitter account ban or suspension when buying followers from us.

Are payment methods safe?

Our website works on custom code with top level security of server, SSL. Our security developer teams works 24/7 to keep our website 100% free from any vulnerability. And the payment methods we use like paypal, stripe are widely use in the world. We don’t integrate any payment gateway which is not authentic. So, buying followers from our website is 100% safe and secure.

Difference between Organic & our Followers?

Like I told you above that we don’t sell spam/bot followers. Our twitter followers are 100% real people. Then only difference is interest followers people follow you. When they come organically that means they are interested in your tweets. But our followers don’t come with targeted interest. In a research we found that whoever buy twitter followers from us. 30% followers of our followers interest will match to the followed account. So to boost your account for a start, it is best to buy followers from us.

Will followers engage in future tweets?

Our followers are real. But engaging depends on interest of followers. As I told you 30% followers interest will be match. So there are very high chances that they will engage in your tweets. We have got many feedbacks from our clients that they are getting good engagement from the followers which they bought from us. For more engagement on your tweets you can also but twitter likes and twitter re-tweets from us.

How much twitter followers I can buy?

You can buy as much twitter followers as you want from us. We can provide unlimited followers on twitter account. Our max plan is 5k followers. But you can keep buying multiple 5k followers order for same twitter account.

What is start time and how to track my twitter order?

After placing twitter order, you twitter link will be added in our server in 1 hour. After adding in server, your account will start getting followers. Also after payment complete, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking url. When you click on the tracking url, you will be redirected to our website tracking page. There you will able to see all details and current status of your twitter followers order.

How much time it takes to complete order?

Twitter accounts starts getting followers within 1 hour. After that it grows with constant speed. 1000 followers order gets complete in 1 day. So if you are going to buy 5000 followers from us, then it will take 5 days to get the order complete.

Can these followers help to verify on twitter?

There is no limit or requirement of twitter to verify twitter account. Even a 1000 followers account can also verify on twitter. But it is true that more followers helps to verify twitter accounts easily. And as our followers are real, it surely will help you to get verified for the blue tick.

In the last, I want to say that to boost your twitter account, our twitter followers service is best. It’s true that we can’t make your twitter account like @elonmusk or @justinbieber. But we can give a good start. And after getting a good start you can use organic ways to keep growing your account.

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